November 15, 2005

Neutron Update

Ok, my friend Mikey came through for me and helped me out with the LED info. I'm waiting for a 6 C Battery enclosure to arrive and then I should be all set with that project. I got the puter up and running and I've been getting it all set up for operation. I think that if the weather keeps up (It was 74 Pennsylvania), I'm going to give it another coat o' paint. Below is the purdy mspaint version of the wiring that's going to happen. I'm not an artist so don't mind the crappy job :-) Hopefully it'll work, that's all I care about. The red stands for positive wires, blue for negative, the green circles are the LEDs (they'll actually be blue), the weird black blobs on the positive lines are resistors, in this case, 480 ohm and you can see where I marked the switch's location. I'll probably mount it right at the battery case. Since I don't plan on keeping the lights on 24/7, I went with the battery method and the 6 C's should give it more than enough juice for a while. This way I can use the base for other things should I ever take the puter off of it.


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