May 22, 2006

Again with the website abandonment...

I know, I know...I totally and completely abandoned my website before it even got a chance to get good. Work started and it kinda took off from there. Here's the whole thing in a nice outline form:

  1. November - I begin training to be an Apple Desktop Tech Support phone agent
  2. December - Training lasted a month - many agents were lost during training
  3. I hit the "floor" in late December and stay as a "regular" agent until January
  4. Sometime in January, I become an unspoken "Lead Agent," meaning that I can watch the floor for the supervisors should they have to leave the area - I act as Lead Agent for a single Saturday night
  5. February - I get a phone call while at home before I come in for my scheduled shift - twas one of the supervisors from work. Turns out that they offered me a position in Columbus to train another class of desktop agents - however they fubar'd the dates and it fell through
  6. Still February - Instead of me going to Columbus to train a class, I get to go back into training locally to pick up the tricks and act as a co-trainer
  7. March - following their class, I hit the floor waiting to be made into an interim QA (I'd listen to calls and grade the agents on their technique)
  8. Still March (I think) - I get a msg on iChat (Mac AIM equivalent) saying "You can add supervisor to your resume"
  9. March/April - I'm an Apple Desktop Tier 1 Supervisor :-D
  10. End of April/Beginning of May - QA department goes buh-bye - Supervisors take over QA positions as well
That brings us up to now...

Oh yeah, two other big things have happened since November:

(The one, the only, Bridget!!)
[That's right, 2 exclamation marks]

Life honestly has never been better, although it is a little strange getting used to living on my own. Not to mention that I hella miss my dog :-( I'll try to post some pics of him later.

My hope, "going forward" (<--that's the most overused phrase at Calltech/Teleperformance), is that I'll update this at least weekly. At the very least, I want to keep this updated with tons o' pics for rememberance down the line. If anyone sees this and feels inclined to comment, please do so. Also, I'm looking for anyone that's up for some DS gaming action or Puter/Electronic modding. Lemme know.